DJ Dre was born on September 16th, in Cleveland, Ohio. DJ Dre is best recognized for breaking music all over the Nation as a marketing consultant and premier DJ. He has an essential role in the advancement of many artists by exposing them to a higher tier of local and national visibility. His commitment to breaking new artist has extended over 12 years and continues to spread throughout the country. “DJ Dre has been down from day one. His involvement and tenacity makes him a true professional while continuing to break records”-KD Rich Kidz Management

Shortly after his 6th birthday, his mother relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Tucker High School where he was involved in numerous activities including football, basketball, and of course the music program. He also participated in the church choir. “Music is a part of me. For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in music. My mother used to sing in many clubs and choirs. At the tender age of 5 I composed my own songs even though I didn’t know anything about notes. My ear has always been in tune with melodies and rhythms. My mom says during her last trimester of her pregnancy with me, she continued to sing in the clubs and that is why I love music so much” says DJ Dre.

DJ Dre continued his secondary education at South Carolina State University where he received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. It was on those grounds he started performing at parties for his fellow teammate’s house parties, dorm parties, and post-game celebrations. In 1999 he began producing for his own label Pop-Da-Trunk Records. This would be the main foundation of DJ Dre’s career. This has given him the natural ability to talk and control the crowd. After being a great success at SC State, Dre moved back to Atlanta to play his part in the New South movement. His musical influences consist of Dr. Dre, A tribe Called Quest, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Influences behind the music scene include Mike Caren, JD, national promoter Michael Cartwright, and Russell Simmons. “These individuals are true contributors and influences on the curve of music. These are true trendsetters in the music industry”– DJ Dre.

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DJ Dre describes his work in two parts. He is first a DJ committed to breaking records and working with other DJ’s and artist to get feedback on new music, while entertaining massive crowds across the Southeast. Secondly, he is a business man, a true executive that is always proactive and devises ways on taking new talent and exposing them in as many ways as possible without the use of big budgets and always bringing the next big artist to the forefront. “I love breaking records and I am always looking for ways to break them on a national level not just in Atlanta” says DJ Dre.

In 2006 DJ Dre formulated a new way to break his artist. He became creator and founder of the LOD College Tour. After several years in the making he was able to single handedly launch the tour designed to create a platform for individuals to get exposure in different states. Through his industry relationships he was able to bring major sponsors on board to help reveal young artist. To date this is DJ Dre most notable accomplishment. Dre states “I have established a college tour that highlights new talent for the past ten years. Each year the tour grows in the number of attendees as well as the level of artist we attract. I am proud to say that I have been a major part of artist getting to the next level.”

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DJ Dre’s personal relationships with artist, promoters, and industry professionals have enabled him to work with countless talented people such as Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed, Mayor Shirley Franklin, Nina Nacole, T.I., B.O.B, Kevin Gates, Yung Joc, CTE, and The Metro Atlanta High School Battle of the Bands. Dre has also worked with prodigious National Football League players such as Pat Pass, Hines Ward, Jonas Jennings, and Marcus Stroud. His formula for building relationships is listening to his client’s goals and ideas and serving them with his hands on approach to make their dreams reality. DJ Dre has an open door for communication and that is how his relationships flourish. Clients can always count on Dre for fresh ideas and stimulate the industry with their music. Through his alliances he has also increased his value in the community as one who displays total selflessness. Every year DJ Dre uses his status to give back to the community by hosting and playing frequent charity events. The event he enjoys most is with the Atlanta Public Schools and The Special Olympics where he severed as Master of Ceremonies for three years. “This is the one event that I loved to do each year. It always picks my spirits up no matter what I am going through at the time” –DJ Dre. In 2008 Dre was recognized by Georgia State University Office of Africa America Student Service Program for his contributions to “History Makers Talent Show”.

DJ Dre is dedicated to the music industry having distributed over 100,000 Mix CDs and customized artist CDs within the past 10 years. Dre has a presence and is well known in Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama & Arizona. With his positive inspiration, talent beyond measure, and knowledge of the game, Dre will take music to new heights. His ideas are fresh, his vision is creative and that will create a platform for his longevity in the game. Dre’s vision for the future of music is to become more independent and in a digital realm. This is becoming more of a reality as he has just recently signed with That Rabbit Distribution, giving his fans immediate access to his record breaking music. Dre will continue in his commitment to be a key component and a consistent recordbreaker. His ultimate goal is to have a more concrete role in the advancement of artist and incite for major record labels. Dre wants to be remembered as having helped many people and doing his best on getting people to the next level of their career. A true talent!


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